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Fashion is an illusion

In the depths of winter, it's exciting to look at the new spring fashion and dream of those warm summery days.

The latest fashion looks fresh and a ‘must have’ while your existing wardrobe perhaps feels tired and out of date. It's so tempting to go out and spend a fortune on a whole new wardrobe.

However, if you completely ignore the emotive side of the new season’s look and break it down to what it is often no more than a change of fabric and tweaking the hem length.

Here is an example – two fabrics that I will make up using the same trouser pattern. The first fabric – a grey with white flower - is a brushed cotton, what you would typically see in pyjamas. The brushed surface creates softness and an extra layer of warmth.

The second fabric - bold and patterned – is a viscose although it drapes and feels like silk. It would be perfect in the height of summer, loose and flowing.

The only change I would look to make is adding length to the trouser leg for the patterned fabric and perhaps a little wider. Both adjustments could easily be achieved by the beginner sewer and it would not change the construction of the garment in any way. Although as a novice I would recommend mastering sewing cotton fabric first before trying viscose which can slip and slide around a little.

As the trouser pattern has an elastic waist it’s easy to adjust to create ‘the look’. If you want the pant to sit below the waist for a more fashionable fit then simply cut the elastic longer.

Will use the Sew with Mikki trouser pattern, make up both garments and provide costings and styling ideas in my next post.


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