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About Sew with Mikki

We inspire people to sew and learn about sustainable fashion with our kitsets and patterns.

Our Story

Founder, Marie Wright, launched Sew with Mikki in January 2023 to inspire people to start sewing and give them skills that are becoming lost.

Sew with Mikki is about teaching you how to make your own ethical, on trend garments and become a more confident sewer. You'll also save money, and be kinder to the environment while you're doing it.


"I believe the world needs a fashion reset to counter the current environmental crisis. I want to teach people to sew and inspire them to create their own clothing and make responsible choices".

- Marie Wright (Founder of Sew with Mikki)

Meet Marie

Marie Wright - Sew with Mikki - creator and designer.jpg
Founder, chief pattern and kitset designer

Marie was raised in Hamilton, New Zealand and grew up with a sewing machine on the dining room table. Marie loved to sew and enjoyed experimenting with different looks and making her own garments. 

Marie went on to study Fashion and Textiles at Wellington Polytechnic School of Clothing and Textiles. After finishing her studies, she began working as a junior pattern maker in Hamilton before going overseas and securing a role as a pattern maker in London. 

After a year in London, Marie decided to continue her travels. This included visiting Israel and working as a volunteer machinist in a kibbutz. New Zealand soon called her back, and she slotted back into life as a pattern maker in Hamilton. 

Marie worked as a pattern maker for a few more years. Still, she felt uneasy about the effect ‘fast-fashion’ was having on the industry and the planet. Marie moved back to Wellington and started a career in travel. She continued her passion for sewing by making children’s clothing, costumes, and wedding dresses and repairing items for friends. 

In January 2023, Marie launched Sew with Mikki to bring back sewing skills that are becoming lost. She wants to give people the skills they need to recreate the latest trends and feel more connected to their clothes. Whether making garments, altering second-hand items, or enhancing their existing wardrobe. 

Marie has created award-winning costumes for the Wearable Arts Awards (WOW). She continues to make stylish garments under the label Mikki Summers.

“If we’re more connected to the clothes we wear, will we be so quick to throw them in the landfill when we’re done?”


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